Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Why Did You Marry Your Husband?

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Why Did You Marry Your Husband?

Jen and Barb, along with guest, author Ayelet Waldman, rediscover the reasons why they married their husbands and discuss what has changed since the day they said “I do.”

3 Responses to “Why Did You Marry Your Husband?”

  1. Kay says:

    Great advice and episode! Good question to ask and remind yourself every so often. Loved the ending video of Barb on her wedding day telling her “future girls” to wait until their prince comes along.

  2. Tanya Keefe says:

    I think all of us get burned out sometimes, we send the kids to bed (or their room) by 8 on school nights or 9-9:30 on weekend nights (the kids are allowed to watch ONE movie and play quietly in their room before going to bed on the weekends – the sleepy ones pass out long before it’s over) so that we can get some time for ourselves. A lot of times we do things together – snuggle and watch a movie, play a game, etc, and sometimes we just work on our separate projects next to each other so we can play footsie under the table and get in lots of smiles and little touches. It’s a good way to stay tuned into (and get excited about yourself) whatever your partner is into so you can support their interest. Of course, some nights we’re so beat that we are right behind them, but for sanity’s sake we make an attempt!

  3. alex byrne markle says:

    great episode – been thinking along these lines a lot lately feeling like my children (as they should) get every ounce of my attention..and i know my husband understands that and actually feels the same – but i want him to know – he (us) too are a priority ! i try to point out in the moment when i notice something he does that was great or that i liked in his work life and/or within our family – and i just take time to TELL him the little things i know he needs to hear right when i see it happening and i know it makes him feel really good about himself – (small stuff like appreciating that he remembered to set the coffee pot for the morning.. how much i love that cause he knows i need coffee asap in the am) bad example but you get what i mean? just general appreciation for him..however, i feel really exhausted right now – and i am not taking care of myself at all since i am taking care of all of them..and it shows….aarggh – so sometimes it;s hard to juggle everyone’s emotional needs and still feel like i can keep up ..sheesh! you guys are great! nice to vent a little..

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