Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Why is it important for our children to stay connected with family?

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Why is it important for our children to stay connected with family?

These days it is not uncommon to have relatives scattered all over the country or even the world. Jen and Barb speak with Dr. Ron Levine, clinical psychologist and father, about why it is important for children to stay connected with their family.

3 Responses to “Why is it important for our children to stay connected with family?”

  1. Nichole' says:

    Great topic! I just saw you ladies on Rachael Ray today and I am loving the site. I am a new mom and I needed this. As for the topic, its very important to stay connected. Although I am an only child my family is very large. My mom was the eldest of 8 so I always had lots of aunts and uncles and cousins around me all the time..Now my mom has passed away as has my grandparents and greatgrandparents. Being that my mom was sort of the matriarch because she was the oldest and the best cook:) and now that she is gone that glue is gone in a sense. I currently live in another state from the rest of my family so its very lonely. I look at my son and I think about how it will be for him not having a similar experience as I had..There is safety and security in family. There was always me and a cousin or cousins at the same school. I always had someone to play with or go to the movies with or get in trouble with. My son doesnt have that. This is a subject of stress for me. I miss my mom and my family. My husband didnt grow up like I did around family so he could care less either way which bothers me even more. This makes me cry!

  2. Karen Firestone says:

    Great episode about keeping kids connected with family and the value Dr. Levine…

  3. Tanya says:

    Well timed! My sister got married this weekend, and my kids have had a great opportunity to get to know some relatives they may never be able to see again. We are setting aside special time to see their great grandpa and others who are in town at this special time.

    I love the comment that was made on the show about putting aside your own crap too :) My step-grandma and I never got along when I was growing up, and we haven’t spoken for most of my adult life. However, she would occasionally ask for my kids to attend a holiday dinner, etc.

    This is always kind of an imposition on our own family, but we’ve let the kids go due to the fact that I don’t want to deny them an ounce of the love they could be getting from their great grandma in the time that she is still with us. It has been an interesting ride the last year or so with her, as she becomes fonder and fonder of the kids, she and I are beginning to develop a relationship as well. As I gave her a hug goodbye after my sister’s wedding the other day, she gave me the first kiss (on the cheek) she’s ever given me, and she’s been my step grandma since I was 2! lol

    ….I guess it goes to show you never know where things may end up…but Love is always a good choice!

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