Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Would you get a divorce over your husband cheating?

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Would you get a divorce over your husband cheating?


Barb says……

I know I wouldn’t. I think it takes a lot more strength and courage to stay and work things out, to exhaust all possibilities. To set your ego aside and take time to really think about the effects that divorce has on the ENTIRE family, to be the bigger person. Who is to say the next person you are with won’t be a cheater. Better to stay and work it out with the father of your kids. There is a lot more to a family than a
husband and wife (and sex.) barb

One Response to “Would you get a divorce over your husband cheating?”

  1. I agree with Barb ,I did not file for Divorce after my Husband cheated ,because it takes just as much energy to work on a better marriage than to start over and from the beginning of a new relationship which could run into the same problem in the future and would only do more damage to you the second time I don’t believe it would hurt me as much as it did the first time if perhaps my husband ever did it again,but he would be history the second time around ! I chose to forgive , that doesn’t make me weak as anyone who has been here knows !

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